Wool; Most popular and hardwearing perfect for your business suit, the wool fibre is found in the fleece of the sheep. The fine wools come from the Merino sheep. Australia is the No.1 producer. It is light, voluminous, able to absorb humidity and an insulator. The length, diameter, amount of crimp and strength between fibres vary. It is these properties that determine the value of wool.

Cashmere; is one of the finest and softest of all the natural fibres it is made from the undercoat of the cashmere goats in Central Asia, cashmere fibre is carefully combed out, not shorn. Its limited supply and luxurious texture make it an extremely exclusive and sought after material which provides its wearer with soft, warm and light garments.

Mohair; comes from the Angora goat and South Africa is the n° 1 producer. It gives smooth, shiny and hard wearing fabrics. Fine mohair is blended with wool for a 'Tonic' look.

Vicuña; is the plus ultra of woollen fabrics and is four times more expensive than cashmere. This is due to its rarity and its luxurious characteristics.

Linen; is a vegetable fibre, it is very hard wearing and cool

Cotton; is a vegetable fibre grown in America and Europe. It's properties are: naturally strong, soft and cool.

Polyester; is man-made and the result of a chemical reaction. Properties include easy care, resistant to stains and creasing and is washable.