Storage; A garment requires a certain amount of space to breathe at all times. In the wardrobe leave a distance around the garment to breath and recover. Never store garments e.g. dirty seasonal garments that are soiled.

Cleaning; It is always necessary to consult the cleaning instructions of each garment and have the work carried out by a renowned company. Pockets, lapels and collars should be brushed frequently. Never rub a stain. Dab it gently in order not to damage the surface. Crumpled garments recover better in a humid environment. Hang them somewhere warm and damp, e.g. in a bathroom, or vaporise them lightly with water.

Travel; Remove the jacket when seated, this is the main cause for creasing. Lay, or better still hang the jacket.

Change of suit; Garments should be changed each day. 2 days in concession can already be too much. The fibres and the shape of the garment need a rest. After wearing the jacket always hang on a substantial hanger that supports the shoulders, placing the trousers in a press, overnight should be sufficient.