Why a bespoke suit I hear you cry when the high street has so much to offer and is so cheap nowadays. Many of the daily objections I come across include

“I have no interest in clothes they are just a uniform to me” or… “I don't have the time to see a tailor “or… “That sounds very expensive!”

Fit; a suit that is made exactly to your set of measurements will look and fit better, my clients comment that “it makes me feel more confident”.

Last; on average a suit that is tailored to you will hold its shape better, is of a higher quality structure and material and will last up to six times longer than one bought ‘off the peg’.

Value; A suit that is lasting up to six times longer and fitting you perfectly , pound for pound offers better value in the long run.

Service; we come to you offering expert advice and saving you time.

Quality & Upgrading; We have access to some of the finest cloth suppliers and tailors in the world it makes sense that many of our clients want to invest in clothing that represents their aspirations & lifestyle.